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Zack learns everything from books. Books are his best friend, but his mother only wishes he would get out more and make real friends.

When Zack’s father decides to move his family down to Charleston, SC, to flip homes, Zack’s mother thinks it will be good for Zack—the sunny weather and sandy beach will inspire Zack to get out and make friends.

In the back yard of their new home, Zack discovers an old dilapidated shed. Zack is confident he can flip the shed—he has read an entire encyclopedia on home remodeling and repair. When he asks his father permission to flip the shed, his father grants him it, but only one condition—if Zack can flip the shed in thirty days or less. If not, the shed will be demolished.

It is Day 1 of the flip, Demo Day, but once Zack cracks open the shed and discovers what is inside it, he soon realizes that flipping it is not going to be as easy as he thought.

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