Friday, August 27, 2021

Condo Joe, the Next Novel

Hi, folks!

Following 'The Deer Shed' will be the novels 'Condo Joe' and 'Basket Case. 'Condo Joe' is about a condo lord who terrorizes Charleston, SC, and 'Basket Case' is a sports novel. 

'Condo Joe' has been written years ago, but I have since expanded it. 'Basket Case' is about an unlikely college basketball star. 

I hope to get at least 'Condo Joe' published over the winter and 'Basket Case I the spring of 2022.

These novels amongst many others have been sitting in plastic containers for far too long. 'Basket Case' was one of the last novels I wrote before I discovered screenwriting.

'Condo Joe' was a novella I write after returning from Charleston after living there on James Island for several months. The Morris Island Lighthouse on Folly Beach was the inspiration for the novel. It doesn't take much for my imagination to run wild and turn it into a story.

Condo Joe is a character who goes from a respectable citizen to a real nut case after his pet chimpanzee is killed by a foul ball.

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